A Kincardine-area support group for children with Down Syndrome is getting into the publishing business.

Members of the group Homies with Extra Chromies have written a book they hope will open people’s eyes to the unique opportunities people with Down Syndrome can offer.

As part of their “book tour” of Bruce County, they’re reading their book to school children, and having serious talks about the bullying people with Down Syndrome can sometimes endure.

Children with Down Syndrome have an extra chromosome, and while great strides have been made toward inclusion, people with the syndrome are still often misunderstood.

Miranda Graham's son Logan has Down Syndrome, she explains, "When the kids were little someone gave us a book..it referred to Down Syndrome as a disease and it used the r-word in it, which is cringe-worthy."

She and her Kincardine-area support group thought they could do better explaining things to young readers and getting the conversation started. The result is 'Meet Will and Jake.'

The book is available at Kincardine Community Living as well as Chapters-Indigo and Amazon.