He's home and setting his sights on a second chance. Thanks to the kindness of others, it will be a Christmas the likes of which Adam Gillan hasn't experienced in a long time.

A Christmas surrounded by family, filled with hope, and offering Gillan a chance to plan the next phase of his life.

Right now he says he’s, "Just relaxing for the Christmas holidays and then, soon as the New Year comes, I'll have a good, positive solid goal."

You likely first heard Gillan's story about three weeks ago.

Living on the streets in Edmonton, AB he had been scavenging through a dumpster looking for items he could sell.

What he found was an animation cell from the 1942 Disney classic, Bambi, which he sold to Alex Archibald, the owner of an antiques and collectibles shop named Curiosity Inc.

The sale price was $20.

But when Archibald discovered the actual value of the cell he was determined to track Gillan down and share the proceeds with him, documenting his search online.

Archibald did locate Gillan, sharing about $1,600 from the sale of the Bambi cell. But Archibald also heard Gillan's story about wanting to return to London to be with his kids, so he started a GoFundMe page.

That page raised almost $18,000.

Gillan arrived from Edmonton on Tuesday and is staying with his long-time friend Jessika Lang.

She has nothing but praise for Archibald, “I haven't met Alex and I love him. I think that he did something far more than money, and that it's that he re-ignited hope."

Lang and Gillan also share a son, Gavin, 19. Gavin says he and his father are trying to re-connect over the holidays, “Me and him have just been chilling together.”

Gillan has three younger children from another relationship. Those children are now in the care of his mother in Goderich.

He'll be reuniting with them next week, all thanks to Archibald - and hundreds of donors.

"They showed that there is a lot of people out there that care,” Gillan says.

Gillan admits to struggling with addictions but says he's determined to remain clean.

And he says, maybe, this experience might give him a new career path, "Possibly get into the antiques. Maybe buying, selling. Start small."

For now he says his focus will be on family.