Employment in London fell to record lows last month and the mayor is losing ground in his commitment to solve London's jobs crisis.

And according to Ed Holder, it's not too early to start holding him accountable.

“Hold me to account monthly as those numbers come through. I made a commitment that in the term of this council those 13,000 jobs will be filled.”

The jobs crisis declared by the mayor’s Jobs Now task force has grown worse since that promise was made in April.

His employment goal was to reach the provincial average at the time, requiring 13,000 more people to be working.

But three months of steep employment losses means the mayor must now add 17,800 people to the workforce just to reach his original goal.

“We have to all be concerned…We just look at last month and in the City of London 900 full-time positions gone.”

The mayor’s office has promoted a job fair at the Western Fair Agriplex and a webpage created that links to an innovative map for job seekers displaying the location of jobs, daycare and transit.

Holder fires back when asked if his efforts have been limited to piggybacking on initiatives already underway.

"I will take any initiative as it relates to jobs and try to enhance it. And I'll do it without apology and I'll do it with a commitment to ensure we get more Londoners working.”

Statistics Canada will release its next employment numbers at the beginning of August.