LONDON, ONT -- There is a piece of good news from our region as the global pandemic continues to rage on.

At Thursday’s Board of Health meeting, Associate Medical Officer of Health Dr. Alex Summers revealed influenza levels are at ‘historic’ lows.

At present there are no recorded cases in Middlesex-London.

Summers says COVID-19 restrictions are partly to thank.

“We’ve seen tremendous uptake in the vaccine, as well as the physical distancing being taken. It means historically low-levels of influenza. We’ve got all the protocols in place for our institutions where outbreaks are particularly of concern. So at this time, the early signs are suggesting a good season.”

Summers warns it is still early, and says there have been years where the flu showed up at later times.

COVID alert level could rise:

On the other side of the coin Summers says the COVID-19 situation is now in the “upper yellow” of the ‘Protect” level.

Medical Officer of Health Dr. Chris Mackie adds he would “not be surprised” if Middlesex-London moves to ‘Orange-Restrict’ over the next few weeks.

Both doctors did not expect that elevation to happen when the province announces its weekly COVID status.