WINGHAM, ONT. -- Dr. Ian Arra of the Grey Bruce Health Unit earned more money than any other medical officer of health in Ontario last year, according to the province's Sunshine List.

“Dr. Arra literally worked every day since the first case of COVID-19 was confirmed in Grey-Bruce in March of last year. He almost doubled his regular hours, working every day, seven days a week. He’s on call, 24 hours a day, every day,” says the chair of Grey-Bruce’s Health Board, Sue Paterson.

Covering one of the smaller health units in Ontario, Arra earned $631,510 in 2020. He earned more than Ontario’s Chief Medical Officer of Health Dr. David Williams, who earned $444,344.

By contrast, Huron-Perth’s Medical Officer of Health Dr. Miriam Klassen earned $387,937, Middlesex-London’s top doctor, Dr. Chris Mackie, earned $414,926 in 2020. His Associate Medical Officer of Health, Dr. Alex Summers, earned $338,133.

Paterson says, unlike other health units, Grey-Bruce has no associate medical officer of health to share the load.

“He’s actually doing two jobs,” says Paterson. “If there was an associate medical officer of health his responsibilities would be shared, but we have Dr. Arra, and we are so pleased that we do,” she says.

Grey-Bruce has fared comparatively well during the pandemic. With 781 total cases, only three deaths, and over 21,000 vaccinations administered to date.

“Dr. Arra is the one leading us through this pandemic. He’s guiding us, steering us in the right direction. And we are in an enviable position, having some of the lowest case counts and death counts in the entire province,” says Paterson, who is also the mayor of Hanover.

When asked for comment on Arra's 2020 salary and overtime, the Grey-Bruce Health Unit referred CTV News back to Paterson.