A student at Central secondary school says he's being discriminated against because of the clothes he wears.

The 17-year-old was prohibited from wearing a jumpsuit because it was deemed to be too revealing.

Maxwell Stewart says he's feeling more comfortable with his bisexuality and wants to express himself.

He also says it's a double standard that other kids are allowed to wear tight clothing, but because he's a male, he can’t.

When he gets home from school, he wears a jumpsuit that he feels most comfortable in.

It's been only a few months since Stewart began coming to terms with his sexuality.

He considers himself androgynous - identifying with both genders.

The Grade 12 student says he felt hurt when he was told his jumpsuit was too revealing.

“I believe this is a double standard being practiced. It’s acceptable for girls to wear…tight clothing. The jumpsuit was really well received from teachers and students.”

The Thames Valley board of education provided a statement saying the individual differences of students are celebrated, but in this case, the student was asked to comply with the school dress code.

"...any student wearing clothing that is too revealing is asked to cover up.”

Students at the school seem to be supporting Stewart.

“He’s really brave to wear whatever he wants and he’s a free spirit,” says Cyrena Grant.

Stewart appreciates the support and hopes it leads to more inclusive changes.