LONDON, ONT. -- Prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, food was being sorted at the London Food Bank nightly. But since the outbreak many groups have dropped out due to safety concerns.

“Before the crisis happened we were sorting every night…we had groups coming in helping to sort if they were youth groups, hockey teams, girl guides or boy scouts," says Jane Roy, the co-executive director at the London Food Bank. “So what's happening now is we've got individuals putting together their own groups.”

When the call for help went out, CTV's Mandi Fields decided to get her friends involved. “We’re all practicing social distancing,” she says. “We spread out and there's two areas of the food bank we all work in.”

Marjie Macoun is among those lending a hand, “I think all of us during this very difficult time, we want to help out."

She adds, “Sorting out food is pretty small compared to what you know other people are doing for sure. But any way to help out is very important.”

Roy said the volunteers have definitely given the organization a boost.

“You know it's been really exhausting the past couple of weeks for so many of us, but I can tell you it's inspiring and encouraging when you see all the volunteers that are here, the community support…that’s been helping to carrying us through.”

The London Food Bank’s annual spring drive kicks off on Friday.

While some grocery stores are still collecting food, due to COVID-19 the campaign has changed to a virtual fundraiser with money being collected online.