LONDON, ONT -- For Tristan Roby, his mother is his rock, but now the young man, who suffered major brain and body injuries in a 2019 hit-and-run crash on Exeter Road, has another ‘rocker’ behind him.

The popular 80s band Helix, still fronted by London’s own Brian Vollmer, is headlining an online show this Saturday with numerous big names including country star Tim Hicks.

The concert will stream for free on, but there is a big button reminding people to donate to Tristan.

Vollmer says, even in the pandemic, he felt he needed to help the young man.

“Throughout COVID we tend to focus inward on our own problems, and then I see this young boy whose whole life is ahead of him, and I thought this is the charity we should get involved in, and see if we can’t make a difference in this man’s life.”

Benefit Concert

Abby, Tristan’s mother and a fan of the band herself, is thrilled Vollmer is stepping up to help. She even welcomed him to mask-up this week to briefly meet Tristian.

“We’re all definitely fans, so we’re rocking on over here,” she says.

Abby says rocking has been a challenge of late for Tristan. Since November, seizures have taken a toll.

“It’s a battlefield. He just kind of comes back and then something hits him down."

Still a plan to get expensive stem cell therapy in the U.S. is moving ahead.

The concert’s goal of $12,000 will help, along with financial support already provided by the community.

Abby says the ‘love’ keeps her and Tristan going.

“You know you’re feeling down and depleted and you think of all the support and everybody you have behind you and this fundraiser is really going to help us to see that Tristan gets the therapies he needs over the next couple of months. Hopefully he’ll soon be able to tell everyone how he’s doing, not me.”

Vollmer says all the funds donated during the show will go directly to Tristan’s care.