LONDON, ONT. -- It may just be strawberry fields forever at Heeman’s Garden Centre and Strawberry Farm, with the 14-acre fields still ripe with red strawberries in November. 

“I’m standing out in the middle of a strawberry field on Nov. 10, I’m wearing a T-shirt and sunglasses, in a field full of red strawberries that miraculously survived the forecasts of frost,” says Heeman’s Chief Daymaker Will Heeman.

Heeman says it's the latest strawberry season in the farm's history since 1968.

The season typically ends before the last week of October or right before Halloween due to cold forecasts.

The fields were picked ahead of the first snowfall in London but hundreds of strawberries grew once again after the month of November saw unusually high temperatures.

“For strawberry fans this is great news. We saw people coming in to get all their Christmas and winter decorations, they come in for that and grab strawberries on the way out,” says Heeman.

The strawberries are still very red in colour, and around 50 to 1,200 flats of strawberries are sold everyday at the centre, with at least a month’s supply left.