LONDON, Ont. -- Arguments were heard Tuesday in a Land Use Appeals tribunal which will have the final say on whether a supervised consumption facility (SCF) can be located at 446 York Street, the former Bellone Musical Instruments store.

Lawyer Annalee Baroubi, who represents Drewlo Holdings, argued that the zoning bylaw to allow the SCF does not conform to the 1989 official plan because its main use is clinic, as opposed to office. She told the tribunal that a clinic may only be an accessory use under the plan.

She also argued the facility does not meet the location criteria, as there is a land-use conflict between the SCF and surrounding residences and schools.

Baroubi also said clients of the facility would not have to stay and use the facility’s wraparound services after using illicit drugs, meaning they could be back out in the community right away after using.

City Solicitor Aynsley Anderson argued that there is no evidence to support the assertion that the SCF would result in loitering or any further adverse impacts to the neighbourhood.

She said the proposed facility would be located in an area that serves as a buffer between the downtown and a residential neighbourhood.