The Middlesex-London Health Unit (MLHU) has joined the Ontario Medical Association (OMA) in a campaign to counter so-called vaccine hesitancy, or the growing movement of those concerned with or unsure about the safety of vaccines.

OMA President Dr. Sohail Gandhi joined MLHU Medical Officer of Health Dr. Chris Mackie at Banting House, the birthplace of insulin, to talk about the importance of childhood vaccines.

The OMA says 63 per cent of parents in Canada look for information about immunizations on the internet, often through a random Google search.

Health officials want people to get their information from legitimate medical sources like Health Canada, or the World Health Organization.

The multi-channel advocacy campaign is designed to target the spread of anti-vaccine myths using #AskOntarioDocs.

The campaign comes just in time for flu season.

According to the OMA, in Canada last year 12,000 people were hospitalized for complications from the flu, and 3,600 people died in what was considered a mild flu season.

“We know that there are only a very, very, very few people who for one reason or another actually can’t legitimately take vaccines,” says Gandhi.

“For example there are patients who may have severe illnesses like cancer who may be on chemotherapy. Their immune system may be compromised.”

He added that vaccines in Canada go through rigorous trials.