It's a front line test for those who are at a higher risk for colon cancer, yet a troubling number of these people aren't getting a colonoscopy when it's recommended.

But local cancer officials hope to change that with a video that tackles the fears many patients have about the procedure.

It's estimated up to 30 per cent of people in Ontario who should be getting a colonoscopy aren't.

Sandy Preston isn't one of them. She is featured in a new video that shows what to expect before and after the procedure from a patient's perspective.

It includes information like "What happens when I show up in the room, who's there with me, what can I expect after the procedure," explains Dr. Brian Yan at the South West Regional Cancer Program.

Although colon cancer is the second-leading cause of cancer deaths in Ontario, Yan says many people resist getting a colonoscopy.

"There are many reasons why they're not coming in, but one reason may be because of fear of having a colonoscopy done."

The new video hopes to alleviate those fears, because in the case of colon cancer - what you don't know - can hurt you.

"Colonoscopy for the majority of patients is completely foreign territory. They have stories about the pain of the procedure, the preparation. They have no idea about all of the processes around having a colonoscopy done."

One in 13 Canadian men and one in 15 Canadian women is expected to develop colon cancer in their lifetime. Yet despite its high prevalence, with early detection it's one of the most curable forms of cancer.

The video is being shared with local hospitals and it can be viewed online at the South West Regional Cancer Program website or below.