LONDON, ONT. -- Sure we've heard a lot about toilet paper in 2020 for some odd reason, but did you know that Thursday was World Toilet Day?

There's no reason to get flush when speaking about toilets, but you may want to have a seat because it's not what you think.

Nov. 19, World Toilet Day, brings awareness to sustainable sanitation and climate change. Did you know that 4.2 billion people are living without safe sanitation?

Around 300,000 children under the age of five die annually from diarrhoeal diseases due to poor sanitation.

The United Nations brings this day to light in order to discuss the importance of having clean water and handwashing stations to stop the spread of deadly infection like cholera, typhoid and of course, COVID-19.

In order to create a sustainable sanitation system, the UN suggests beginning with a toilet that collects human waste effectively, is accessible and in a dignified setting. Waste that is stored in a tank must be emptied or transported away by pipework.

You may be thinking, that's a load of…information…and you're right! It's the safe reuse of human waste that saves water, reduces greenhouse gas and can provide agriculture with reliable water sources.

Even the City of London had your back(side) with a Toilet Flush Challenge.

The city suggested placing a garbage can in all washrooms to ensure garbage that shouldn't be put in the toilet or accidently get flushed goes in the right place.

To help keep our sewer lines clean, they suggested a family member stand at each toilet in the home, count down, and flush simultaneously, repeating once a month.

The City of London tweeted, "Please remember toilets are not garbage cans. London has more than 1,434 kilometers of sanitary mains, and has reduced the number of sewer blockages by 75% since 2010."

So get up - when you're ready, and take the challenge to help keep our pipes - and yours, clean!