A Hanover woman has been given one of the largest malpractice awards in Canadian history.

Danielle Boyd will receive $15 million from a Hanover-based doctor after she was left paralyzed following a late-night visit to a local hospital’s emergency room.

The ordeal started in December, 2008, when she arrived at Hanover & District Hospital with a severe headache.

A Superior court justice believes the actions of her doctor that night, Richard Bruce Edington, led to a stroke, which left Boyd paralyzed.

“She's almost totally paralyzed from the neck down, said Boyd’s lawyer, Andre Michael of Siskinds.

So she needs assistance with every aspect of her daily life."

Court heard she arrived at the hospital with a headache, garbled speech and numbness on one side. The doctor prescribed a drug to lower her blood pressure.

The next morning, there were no signs of improvement. She was transferred to a London hospital. There she suffered a stroke that left her a paraplegic.

In awarding Boyd the $15 million, Justice John Sproat saidEdington's decision to lower Boyd's blood pressure created a clot that led to a stroke.

Edington told court he acted appropriately, arguing it was a dissection or rip, not clotting that caused the blockage, leading to the stroke. Imaging scans showed a rip in Boyd’s right artery that can result in clots.

Michael said Boyd and her family are pleased the case is over.

“She’s gratified justice has been done in this case. It truly has been an ordeal the past five years. The extent to which her life has changed has been beyond dramatic."

The Hanover hospital released a statement Wednesday through President and CEO Katrina Wilson.

 “The hospital does recognize the devastating effect that this has had on Ms. Boyd and her family. Hanover & District Hospital is committed to providing quality health programs and services to our community, in partnership and coordinated with the health care delivery system.

“I can advise that Dr. Richard Bruce Edington continues to be a member of the active staff at Hanover and District Hospital.  Dr. Edington has been a valued member of our medical team for many years.

The chief of staff at the hospital told CTV News that Edington is beloved by his patients.

CTV News attempted to reach both Edington and his lawyer, but calls were not returned.