A Hanover mother wants people to know about what she received from the Canada Revenue Agency.

Tucked in an envelope with her tax information was the tax assessment of a complete stranger.

Jessica Clark got the surprise of her life when she opened a letter addressed to her from the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) last month.

"I was completely shocked. I couldn't believe that I had somebody else's information, all of their personal information in my hands."

Folded in with her forms was the tax assessment for a complete stranger in Brantford.

And it contains all the information on the woman that anyone would need to steal her identity.

"It's got her social insurance number, her total income from last year. Potentially, I could have called in to Canada Revenue Agency and said that I was her and got her information, hooked up utilities, got credit cards," Clark says.

While Clark considered contacting the woman whose personal information she had in her hands she decided to call the CRA instead.

They are now sending a pre-paid envelope her way so this tax form can end up on the correct kitchen table.

Clark says, "The representative that I got told me that he has never heard of this happening before. He actually said to me that sometimes it can go to the wrong address, things like this, but as I explained to him, it's not even the same town."

With millions of tax forms delivered to Canadians each year, it's likely this isn't the first - or only - misdirected mail, but it's unique since the letter was addressed to Clark and the other person's tax information was wrapped up with hers, meaning she had to open it to know it was there - putting an Ontario woman's personal information in jeopardy.

"My main goal here is just to make sure that people know this is happening and I'm really hoping that she's aware of the breach of confidentiality on her end," Clark says.