LONDON, ONT. -- Hair salons and studios in London are joining a provincial movement urging the government to allow them to open during the latest shutdown.

Stylists, barbers and clients are being asked to get involved in the Red Balloon Movement every Wednesday to show their support.

Heather Wenman from Studio H Artist Group on Ann Street has her business filled with balloons and says it’s symbolic.

“What we need from the government is for them to cut the red-tape and the hot air and support us we need help, “says Wenman.

She says even though they have only been able to open for six weeks so far this year they have still paid licensing fees to the Ontario College of Trades adding, “They have 25 million dollars that they could help us with.”

Wenman says from the start salons and barbers shops have followed strict COVID protocols, “Our mission is to bring out the red balloons every week until we get open.”