LONDON, ONT. -- Habitat for Humanity Heartland Ontario closed all of its ReStores once the COVID-19 outbreak occurred, but now the non-profit organization, which provides affordable housing for low-income families, is back in business online.

Brian Elliot, the CEO of Habitat for Humanity Heartland Ontario, says they have suffered financially since being closed.

"Our ReStores are our social enterprise," said Elliot. "They are really the engine that funds most of our operations and so having to shutter it had a real negative cash flow on our operation."

Elliot says they have joined other organizations in launching an online business.

"This really came about because we were still getting calls from people in our community who can’t always afford to buy a new fridge or stove…people in need."

Of the seven ReStore locations in the region, so far only two are operating online, one at 611 Wonderland Rd. N and the other at 40 Pacific Ct.

Besides the stores, the pandemic has also affected planned builds for the organization. 

Even though four are going ahead on schedule, three others, including a major project on Highbury Avenue have been delayed. 

"We're looking to build a 23-unit stacked townhouse complex," said Elliot. "It'll be the biggest build in our Habitat history but obviously with COVID there's been some slow down on us being able to accomplish some of the milestones that we had hoped to."

Learn more about Habitat for Humanity’s new online shopping here.