Vuong Van Tran has pleaded guilty to second-degree murder in the stabbing death of Duy Van Nguyen in August 2011.

Nguyen, 31 was attacked while alone at his Railton Avenue home on August 12th, 2011, stabbed 12 times in the face and neck.

Nguyen, who is developmentally delayed, was widely known as a kind and gentle person who often gave people a ‘thumbs up.’

The court heard 28-year-old Tran, who is related to Nguyen by marriage, reportedly showed up at the house wearing a mask and carrying duct tape.

The court also heard his plan was to tie up Nguyen and steal $30,000-$50,000 he believed was hidden in the house.

But when the mask he was wearing was ripped off, Tran grabbed a knife and stabbed Nguyen to death. He made off with only a Nintendo set.

On the stand Tuesday, Tran started sobbing, telling Nguyen’s family “I wish I could bring him back. Sorry is not enough.”

Tran’s attorney Stacey Nichols told the court her client “had an immense amount of remorse and regret.”

Justice Lynda Templeton called the incident a tragedy for both Tran and Nguyen’s families.

Templeton praised Tran’s brother, who turned him in to police, saying “The courage it must have taken to say ‘I love my brother so much, but I have to make him responsible for what he has done.’”

To the Nguyen family she added “Forgiveness is a stepping stone for healing, I hope you recognize that.”

The guilty verdict carries an automatic life sentence. The defence is asking for parole eligibility after 12 years, while the Crown wants Tran to serve 15 years.

The sentencing hearing is expected to be held on May 9th.