LONDON, ONT. -- The jury at the trial of Alexander Lambert has returned a verdict of guilty of second-degree murder. 

In his closing address, Crown Attorney Steven Monaghan told the jury that 53-year-old David Hole was murdered by Lambert.

The two men were doing drugs in the basement apartment of a mutual friend at 10 St. George Street in Nov. 2017.

There was an altercation and Monaghan says it turned violent.

"Mr. Lambert has his arm around Mr. Hole's neck and he's squeezing."

He continued, "The last moments of David Hole's life were spent in the crook of Mr. Lambert's arm...he is fighting for his life."

Monaghan added, "Strangling somebody until they're lifeless can kill them."

Last week, forensic pathologist Dr. Edward Tweedie, who examined the body of David Hole, told the court he found he had a number of bruises and abrasions to his head.

The jury was shown photos of the injuries and Tweedie concluded, “The neck compression and blunt injuries were the cause of death.”

Lambert, who testified he put the victim in a sleeper hold, has pleaded not guilty to second-degree murder.

This evening, following the verdict, defence lawyer Don Crawford told CTV News, "I think the (my) client's pretty stunned as well, he thought he had a shot at an aquittal, I explained the manslaughter to them but obviously the jury didn't see it that way."

During her charge to the jury, Justice Kelly Gorman told them to return with one of three verdicts; not guilty, guilty of second-degree murder or guilty of the lesser charge of manslaughter.