Gifts placed under 'The Giving Tree' for less fortunate children have been stolen from a south London school.

Teacher Kate Campbell is having a hard time understanding why anyone would break into Nicholas Wilson public school and steal the donated gifts.

"There's just a sense of frustration and of disappointment...The Giving Tree is something we put together to help children from...the Children's Aid Society."

About 20 to 25 gifts were taken in the Tuesday morning break and enter and London police are investigating.

Principal Steve McCombe says, "We've had over $500 worth of gifts that were stolen and our staff are stepping up to the plate as much as they can."

For years the Osgoode Drive community has supported the giving tree at this time of the year.

Now the school is hoping the community will rally around The Giving Tree again so everyone has something to open on Christmas morning.

"We were just extremely disappointed that these gifts had been taken," McCombe says. "Because, let's face it, there are kids in need at this time of year."

Anyone who wants to donate a children's gift can drop it off at the office of Nicholas Wilson public school at 927 Osgoode Drive.