WINGHAM, ONT -- It’s one of the deadliest weeks for drug overdoses in Grey-Bruce’s history.

Three people have died from an opioid overdose in Grey-Bruce this week, making it eight overdoses in total, since the beginning of 2021.

“Eight families have lost a loved one this year alone,” says Ian Reich, Grey-Bruce’s Harm Reduction Manager.

“We have unfortunately hard news of parties where youth are experimenting with this street drug, assuming Naloxone will save them. In recent cases, multiple doses of Naloxone were not sufficient to reverse the overdose, and as such, someone lost a family member,” he continues.

Reich says it’s assuming that fentanyl or carfentanil are the drugs being used.

He says, in one situation, a grey chalk-like substance was the suspected cause, but yellow, purple, green and pink substances have been culprits in the past.

While they recommend, those addicted, not to use alone, Reich says if drug users must be alone, they can call Grey-Bruce’s Overdose Prevention Line 1-888-688-6677 and an operator will stay on the line, while the drug is being used. If they become unresponsive, 911 is called.