After a long and sometimes difficult trek over 4,000 kilometres, Londoner Bob Facca completed his mission Wednesday, raising money for Jesse’s Journey along the way.

Grandpa Bob as he’s known, walked from Quebec City to Winnipeg to raise funds for the charity that is seeking a cure for Duchenne muscular dystrophy. His seven-year-old grandson Louie suffers from MD.

“There’s research now in Columbus, Ohio, London, Ont. and England that are all collaborating together. Things are moving fast in the last five years,” Facca said as he was finishing his long walk in Winnipeg.

“We’re trying to create awareness and find a cure. There’s no cure yet. In affects one boy in every 35-hundred born. We’re just walking to help find that cure.”

Facca says the mission was an incredible experience.

“People are so nice. We’ve had people who give us money – a $20 bill and you knew they couldn’t afford $2. People are offering us their houses, to come in for showers, for dinners. I’m very humbled. We live in the best country going.”

Facca has raised more than $700,000.

At One London Place, Facca was skyped in for the crowd on hand Wednesday to help him celebrate in his hometown.

Facca was skyped in for the crowd.

He has been an inspiration for many.

“What he says is, ‘My feet may hurt at the end of the day. I can rest. I can put them up. I can go back out there the next day.’ When he thinks about the kids, he says, ‘It’s easy to get up and get walking in the morning.’ He’s just been amazing,” says Rick Moss of Jesse’s Journey.