WOODSTOCK, ONT. -- When Lisa Mason noted four-year-old Hunter Weston had passed, she shed a tear.

As a mother herself, she tells CTV News London she immediately thought of the boy's family.

“My heart breaks for them.”

Hunter died Wednesday afternoon at his home in Ingersoll, Ont. after a long 14-month fight with an aggressive form of cancer.

Earlier in the week, his parents, Jay Weston and Sarah Brown contacted CTV News London to share a final wish for their son.

They wanted to grow the ‘Paint the Town Gold for Hunter’ campaign.

With his passing, many are doing just that throughout the region. Hundreds of social media postings show people putting any kind of gold items they can find outside their homes. They range from ribbons to banners to gold Christmas decorations.

In Mason’s case, she decided to use her creativity to design a lawn banner featuring Hunter’s smiling face. It also shows a gold stripe and paintbrush and a timeline of his short life.

She then sought the permission of Hunter’s family to share it online.

With their blessing, she posted a picture of the banner. Immediately requests for more filled her Facebook wall and inbox.

In response, Mason decided to place an order of 25 for Hunter’s extended family in Canada and the U.S. at no cost.

But the requests keep coming in from people who never knew Hunter. So, at the request of Hunter's mother, Mason plans to make more at $15 each. She will donate the proceeds to Children’s Hospital in London.

Mason states whether people contact her or not, she hopes the tributes to Hunter, with any form of gold, continue.

“Such a precious boy and I think it’s a great thing to show the family the support of the community and for us all to decorate our homes and do whatever we can do, and to raise awareness for the childhood cancer.”

Hunter’s parents told CTV News, before his death, they hope the ‘Paint the Town Gold for Hunter’ campaign becomes an annual event in the region to support all kids with cancer.

For now, the tributes to Hunter continue. Beyond gold, many put candles on their front porches Wednesday night to mark his passing.