LONDON, ONT. -- GRAPHIC CONTENT WARNING: The young girl at the centre of an alleged kidnapping and sexual assault continued her testimony Tuesday at the London courthouse.

The child, who was only four years old at the time, told the court a man picked her up near a stop sign in northeast London in May of 2018

She said she got into the front seat and testified that she was upset after the man dropped her off, “I just ran inside and I said I got kidnapped...I was just on the steps crying.”

Days later, after police put out a description of a man and a vehicle, an arrest was made.

Lawrence Allen Thompson, 68, of London has pleaded not guilty to four counts including kidnapping and sexual assault.

Defence Lawyer Lakin Afolabi asked the now seven-year-old girl to clarify a few details under cross-examination and she said, “I just don’t really remember this stuff and I don’t want to tell it.”

On Monday, the court had watched a police interview with the girl from 2018, in which she described seeing candies in the car, and told the officer the suspect had pulled down her pants and underwear and slapped her bum.

Later in the day the girl’s father took the stand, telling the court that he remembers seeing his daughter come into the house that Mother’s Day.

“She was visibly upset and shaken up…crying and trembling.” He went on to say, “She said a man took her…you’re almost in disbelief, shocked would be a good word.”

He said he drove around and started looking for the man in the car adding, “I wanted her to show me where it happened, and I called 911.”

None of the charges have been proven in court.

The trial resumes on Wednesday.