Two Grade 8 girls from London, who say they take a long time to get ready for school in the morning, have created an app that helps people pick out their daily attire quickly.

The app, called The Clothes Line, compiles pictures you take of your wardrobe and categorizes them. The app will randomly generate an outfit for you, depending on what you’ll be doing that day.

You can also set a schedule on the app for your outfits.

The girls who created The Clothes Line -  Sierra Bryson and Tiffany Birkner - are good friends in the classroom at Sir John A. Macdonald public school, and now they’re business partners as well.

They say it was a teacher, Josh Jones,  who suggested they create the app after asking his pupils to come up with a business idea that would be useful every day.

“He told us, ‘Why don’t you guys do that clothes app idea you had?’ And we said, ‘Well, where do we even start?’” said Tiffany.

The name Francis Yanga of Red Square Labs came up as someone who could assist them.

Yanga helped bring their idea to life.

“They left a voice message and they were inquiring about an app and I recognized that it was some kids trying to speak to me so I said, ‘Let's schedule an appointment,’” she said.

Several meetings and one Indiegogo account later, the team has built a prototype of the app that has caught the attention of many.

“It’s pretty cool. People will say, ‘Wow, you came up with that idea?’ Why didn't I think of that?’” Sierra said.

As the pair get their idea off the ground, they stress to other people not to be afraid to take a risk.

“If you have an idea, let somebody know about it because it might actually go somewhere,” says Tiffany.