When London resident Glen saw fuel streaming out of his gas tank into the north London Costco parking lot he never could have imagined it was the work of saboteurs or thieves.

His first thought was for the potential danger to anyone around if the fuel had come in contact with something that could ignite it.

He had just filled up at the Costco gas station. The vehicle now disabled, he had to call a tow truck and have it taken to a service centre.

That’s where the mechanic pointed out three cleanly drilled holes in the fuel tank, suggesting someone put the holes there deliberately to steal the gas.

Glen says he believes it happened outside the apartment he rents in a house in central London.

Glen says it was only about $30 worth of gas, but he had to replace the gas tank on the Honda CRV with a used one, so in the end he was out $1,000.

He reported the incident to police, who told him they were unable to do anything about it because there was no proof of the deliberate act.

Police tell CTV News they’ve never seen this type of thing here before, but they’ll be on the lookout to see if it happens again to anyone else.