Admitting that he was the one who buried Jocelyn Bishop, Christopher Gale continued to maintain that he wasn't the one who shot his girlfriend to death.

Christopher Gale testified in his own defence on Thursday at his retrial in the 2010 shooting death of Bishop.

While being questioned by his defence lawyer John Getliffe, Gale told the court that he and Bishop had a fight on June 27, 2010 because he went out to breakfast with his parents.

He said the 21-year-old had a rocky relationship with her mom and dad and “She was angry, she said she didn't have her parents anymore and I shouldn't have my parents."

Gale went on to say things escalated and got physical, he was hit with a pipe and then as she left the bedroom “[Jocelyn] stopped turned around briefly looked at me and shot herself in the head. I just started crying like crazy and asking why."

Later in his testimony he even went so far as to lift a similar gun, holding it over his head and showing the court how she did it. 

Days later Bishop's body was found in a shallow grave behind the home the pair shared on Fanshawe Park Road.

Gale told the court he buried her because “There's no way I could have gone to a funeral and watch her parents pretend they care. They wanted nothing to do with her."

Gale found himself in a tougher exchange when he was cross-examined by Crown attorney Laurie Tuttle, but maintained that he wasn't the one who shot Bishop.

However, Gale admitted initially lying to his mother, best friend, the Bishop family and police saying that his girlfriend simply took off.

Tuttle asked "Why didn't you say Jocelyn just shot herself?" Gale answered "I thought of killing myself. I just watched my girlfriend shoot herself in the head. I don't understand my thought process." 

Gale added that he chopped up the gun Bishop used and threw it in the garbage with the bloody towels he used to clean up the house.

Tuttle also asked about the days after the death "You were so overwhelmed with grief, that's why you basically stayed in the house?" Gale answered "Yes."

But later Gale admitted to going to a friend’s house to watch a mixed marital arts fight while the Bishop family searched for their daughter. 

Closing arguments are expected on Friday and the case should be in the hands of the jury by Monday.