Christopher Gale, who was convicted of second-degree murder in the death of Jocelyn Bishop, has been sentenced to life behind bars with no possibility of parole for 15 years.

Jocelyn’s father Don Bishop says “In all true honesty I am relieved that it got sorted out and it’s been dealt with…when his parole hearing comes up I will be there.”

While a second-degree murder conviction comes with an automatic life sentence, a judge had to decide how much time Gale would spend in jail before being eligible for parole, from 10 to 25 years.

Justice Andrew Goodman had strong word for the 32-year-old, calling him callous and disrespectful in his treatment of the Bishop family, and more importantly his girlfriend.

“You remain adamant and continue to deny responsibility...[not showing] an ounce of remorse...I pause to question whether this is a man who truly loved Jocelyn.”

Gale had pleaded not guilty in connection with the shooting death of his 21-year-old girlfriend, claiming she was depressed and shot herself in the head.

However, on the stand he did admit to having fought with her that day, to having buried her after her death and to lying about where she was to her family.

Bishop’s body was found buried in a shallow grave behind the Fanshawe Park Road home the couple shared in July 2010.

Goodman went on to say “Mr. Gale took elaborate steps to cover up the crime and the body…I want the family of Jocelyn Bishop to know that I am aware of the utter devastation her death has caused...however I cannot exact vengeance.”

It took two trials to convict Gale. The first ended in a mistrial because a jury member was found to have broken their oath.

Last week, Bishop’s parents delivered emotional victim impact statements, and they remained emotional after the sentencing was handed down.

Don says “I’ll never be satisfied, but if this is what it takes, this is what we get.”

Jocelyn’s mother Ginette Bishop says “I can’t say we’re going to heal because he’s in jail and stuff, it’s helpful, but it hurts really bad losing a child like that really hurts.”