Safe Space London is a community agency that prides itself in helping those at risk, but now it needs some help.

The organization has lost a reliable source of funding and is looking to offset that loss.

The agency prides itself on helping all vulnerable women, but Andrea Krywucky, Safe Space coordinator, says their strongest advocacy is on behalf of those in the sex trades.

"Having somewhere to reach out to, someone to understand them, someone to not judge them. And that's what we do."

Safe Space has been operating for a decade, relying exclusively on community donations.

But a lump sum donation that was being drawn from to help pay rent is running out.

Still Krywucky is confident the community will step up, “They've always been really generous and now we're just throwing our net a little bit wider."

In the interim, a GoFundMe page has been launched seeking $3,600, enough to keep them running for three months.

Krywucky says they’ve also recently incorporated as a charity, "We have things in the works, either municipally, provincially and federally. So we've been working on those to try and get some bursaries and some grants to get some help from the government."

Safe Space has long been a proponent for the decriminalization of prostitution as a means of increasing personal safety and giving financial security to women.

Krywucky says many of the agency's donors have worked in the sex trades, or have had loved ones who have worked in the sex trades.

"That community understands us more than any other community. And because in order to understand your community you must live in that community, and see its needs."

Krywucky believes a more open dialogue will bring opportunities to improve life for sex workers.