DORCHESTER, ONT. -- As of last Friday, golf season is now in full swing at Pine Knot Golf & Country Club in Dorchester Ont., and golfers say they’re thrilled to be putting on the green once more. 

Golfer Thomas Innes says he was happy to have a change in scenery when golfing with his friends on Saturday. 

"It’s just nice getting out, getting some exercise. Get out with a nice group of guys and not be stuck at home." 

Dean Gocan, manager at Pine Knot Golf & Country Club thanks Mother Nature for making it possible to open ahead of spring. 

"Today we opened all 18 holes. The weather has been nice enough, course conditions are really good, drainage is unbelievable." 

After announcing its re-opening with restrictions, it didn't take long for golfers to get right back into the swing of things. 

"It has been very busy. Because it's been so busy we are only accepting online bookings (to allow) social distancing and contactless transactions. We say it's kind of like getting the hottest concert tickets in town. We were full yesterday, full today and full tomorrow." 

"We had a buddy who was trying from 10 a.m. the day before (Thursday) until midnight. He was unhappy he couldn’t get on so he drove out here yesterday and got a T-time," says golfer George McKnight. 

Many golfers say the pandemic helped to drive the already popular sport into a soaring popularity. 

"Last year the sport blew up like crazy with the pandemic, everyone was making the most out of the opportunity, it was great to see all the new golfers," says golfer David Hamilton. 

Golfers say following COVID-19 restrictions and rules is easy on the course. 

Golfers at Pine Knot Golf & Country"It really is easy to keep socially distanced. I’m playing with three people I never met and we are all in our own carts." 

Gocan adds that the golf season is becoming increasingly busy, but hopes it can be a safe outlet for many during the pandemic. 

"Very busy golf year, lot of people taking up golf again because it's something you can do safely, maintaining physical distancing naturally… it's been outstanding a lot of happy golfers."