In a decision that shocked many in attendance, food trucks were given a red light by city council at a meeting on Tuesday night.

The mobile kitchens will not be permitted to serve food along city streets for at least a year.

The decision came at the end of one of the wildest debates during this term of council.

Council has been criticized for delaying the decision on food trucks for more than a year, repeatedly sending it back to staff for more information.

Food trucks are currently restricted to private property but were seeking permission to move around the city serving from metered parking spots.

But after more than a year of debate, council remained divided.

Some called for a pilot project in 50 select spots downtown, with Councillor Nancy Branscombe calling it a "win-win."

Others though wanted to keep the food trucks out of downtown to protect existing restaurants.

Councillor Paul Van Meerbergen says "If we somehow jeopardize this industry because of an uneven playing field, that is counterproductive to our community."

And still others wanted to send the matter back for more analysis.

In the end, it came down to a pair of deadlocked votes, and a defeat of the original motion to permit eight trucks in a limited pilot project.

So no food trucks on city streets and council can't reopen the discussion for another year.