WINGHAM, Ont. -- It’s been over a week since Pat Taylor has had her mail delivered. She lives in Brucefield, and joins well over 300 people in the Brucefield and Holmesville area that aren’t getting their mail.

They join residents in and near Monkton that also are not getting their mail delivered.

To blame, say Canada Post staff, is a mail delivery driver shortage.

In both cases, a delivery driver recently had to give up their route.

Despite several postings, no one has applied to take up the rural mail routes.

Canada Post is now turning to drivers with other routes to be willing to work overtime to pick up the slack.

Taylor says she’s most frustrated that she can’t come and simply pick up her mail from the Clinton Post Office.

She says staff told her delivery drivers normally sort their own mail for rural routes, and if there’s no delivery driver, there’s no one designated to sort the mail, parcels, invoices, and cheques that are piling up at both the Clinton and Mitchell Post Offices.