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Frozen street? No problem


A six-year-old girl in southern Ontario is enjoying the aftermath of the ice storm that swept through the area.

Charlotte Ross was filmed by her mother, Kat, skating down Myrtle Street in St. Thomas.

She told CTV News, “This was Charlotte’s idea and she has been begging me since the freezing rain started yesterday afternoon. She stayed up well past her bedtime anticipating that I would let her skate if things froze enough last night!”

According to Kat, Charlotte just joined the St Thomas Skating Club in September and has been in love with the ice ever since.

She added, Charlotte was out on the ice covering her street for nearly two hours and even asked for a timer to be put on in between her mom’s breaks from work so that she knows when she can go out again.

In terms of the conditions, Charlotte reported, “It was snow covered but flat enough to practice tricks and jumps and spins with only a few bumps, except I couldn’t skate in the middle of the road because of lots of holes. It was perfect.”

Others in the St. Thomas and central Elgin region may not be so happy.

Thousands of customers were without power overnight and while some was quickly restored, other areas were told it could be Friday before their lights come back on. Top Stories


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