WOODSTOCK, ONT. -- It was about six years ago when Danielle Paluska took a 90-day leave of absence from her job in the mental health field to concentrate on her own mental health and wellbeing.

"I think it was Day 60 that I decided I would try making soap, so I did and it was good I enjoyed it and it was neat to see two things that don’t belong together work together to make something cool," says Paluska, owner and operator of Wild Comfort near Woodstock.

Paluska says by Day 89 of her leave from work she knew she was about to make a life and career change and focus on making natural skin care products.

"I had made the decision when I was making things to make a line that was completely natural," says Paluska. "I use herbs and botanicals to make colouring and any scents are done with essential oils and as raw of ingredients I could to make a natural product."

Paluska makes a range of products from bar soaps to liquid soap, creams, shampoos and conditioners just to name a few.

She opened up Wild Comfort back in 2014, since then not only has she added products to the skin care line, she’s also created environmentally sustainable items.

"I started to think, 'How can I create that liquid soap in that shippable package that doesn’t take more plastic?'"

With some trial and error she did just that, and came up with a way for a customer to refill their liquid soap right from home.

"Basically it’s little soap balls, and you throw them in your bottle and you add distilled water if you want to stay nice and clear, and then there’s a little vile of scent so it takes about two to 12 hours for you to do it."

Paluska says that’s her hopes for the business as it continues to grow and move forward, to come up with more environmentally and sustainable products. Products that are made by hand one by one, in a labour of love.

"I’ve often wondered because anyone can make soap, what sets this apart? And I’ve wondered if it’s the personal connection? I think so much especially now people are like I want a connection to what I’m investing in."