As police continue to investigate a double homicide near Watford, friends and neighbours of the couple are trying to come to terms with what has happened.

The Gubbels, Susan, 55, and Mario, 54, lived on Arkona Road in Warwick Township, which is now the scene of an investigation into a double homicide.

Susan was found dead in the couple's home while Mario was found in a vehicle in a parking lot in downtown London.

Their son, 26-year-old Jeremy Gubbels, was arrested at a nearby restaurant and charged with two counts of first-degree murder in the case.

Mary Datema knew the couple through their church and the Rotary Club.

"People were telling me and I was devastated. Who would have thought somebody would do that...They are very friendly people, they're always smiling, never sad. Never would have thought there were any problems."

But those who lived nearby say the couple's son Jeremy always seemed distant.

Neighbour John Peters employed him on his farm when he was a teenager and says "He was just a bit of a loner, didn't seem to have friends or anything and I just sort of felt for him."

Jeremy Gubbels is scheduled to appear in a Sarnia court via video on Wednesday morning.