It was a joy-ride that turned deadly and now three young men pleaded guilty for their part in leaving their dying friend after a horrible crash.

On Wednesday in London, court heard that last March, Riley Shannon, 21, was trying to stop three other guys at a Dorchester party from riding around on a John Deere skid steer around midnight.

Shannon was banging on the vehicle for them to stop when his leg got caught in the machine's track and he was run over.

The court heard that one of the three young men told the others to get their stuff and go. They left a dying Shannon behind and ran into some nearby woods.

Minutes later the victim was foaming at the mouth and unresponsive. Within hours he was dead. In court, Trent Weller, 20, Adam Sinden, 19, who was driving that night, and 19-year-old Ryan Esler all pleaded guilty to failing to remain at an accident to offer assistance. 

Sinden’s lawyer Jeff Conway said the young men are remorseful.

The case has now been put over until Feb. 13. That's when a date will be chosen for a sentencing hearing.