WINGHAM, ONT. -- Brian Hilt felt he had to do something, as he watched Canada’s economy falter in the wake of the COVID-19 outbreak.

So, he joined a group of 14 independent financial planners across Canada, offering free financial advice and assistance during these troubled times.

“This is our expertise. It’s a way to give back, during a time when Canada needs people to,” says Hilt, a financial planner based in Wingham.

As the owner of Seed and Harvest Wealth Counsel, he’s seen the his investments and those of his clients take a beating over the past two weeks. He can’t change that, but he can offer his advice and help navigating the numerous government programs being offered up to Canadian businesses and residents.

The pro-bono program just started last week, and already Hilt is helping a New Brunswick business owner.

“He’s a small business owner who’s looking for help to get through the next three months. I’m researching the programs that could him. We may not have all the answers, but hopefully we can help some people,” he says.