LONDON, ONT. -- A memorial with Scotty Pate's initials has been placed along with flowers on Ashland Ave, just feet from where Pate was shot Wednesday night.

"You just never think this is going to hit your family," says Ronnette Moxley-Lee, Pate's aunt and his mother's sister.

Moxley-Lee got emotional when describing her 27-year-old nephew who was shot after picking up take-out just minutes earlier from a nearby bar.

She says she isn't naive enough to think he wasn't involved in something, but feels it didn't need to end in his death.

"I don't know the details of everything that happened, and I'm not sure of the players involved," says Moxley-Lee.

"At some level they all knew each other. They weren't random people who met up at a corner."

On Friday, London police arrested Denny Doucet, 40, Nicole Moyer, 35, of London, and Jason Sylvestre, 36, of Windsor. They have been charged with manslaughter in connection with Pate's death.

"The matter is still being investigated by our Major Crimes Unit," says Const. Jonathan Bessa, of the London Police Service.

"All three are in custody and will have a court appearance at a later date. There is no threat to public safety."

Moxley-Lee says a long-time east end Londoner, she knew of Doucet through her children. She adds he has children with Moyer.

"They knew Scotty had children, he's someone's son, my nephew, my mom's grandson. Everyone involved will suffer for all of this."

Her family will continue to mourn as they wait for more information and charges to be revealed. They have started the hashtag #JusticeforScotty.

"We want it to go through the court system and get the justice Scotty and our family deserves," says Moxley-Lee.

"I just can't wrap my head around it, and there are now four young kids who are going to grow up with no father."