It’s been seven years since the Bluewater Youth Detention Centre near Goderich, Ont. closed it's doors.

It now appears the province is ready to sell the former youth jail. While Central Huron would get first crack at the former facility, they aren’t in the development business.

But they do know what they’d like to see on the sprawling 300 acre property, bordering the Lake Huron Shoreline.

Jim Ginn, Central Huron's warden says, “I’d like to see a resort, something like Deerhurst. A year-round attraction, a conference centre. Something to draw people to the area.”

Because the former jail has been sitting vacant for so long, it’s expected the buildings would need to be demolished to make way for another project.

While demolition costs could reach into the millions, the property itself could come fairly cheap.

Cody Joudry, Huron County economic development director, says, “While there’s no official property assessment done yet, it’s expected the asking price would be land value minus demolition costs.”

Joudry and Ginn want prospective Bluewater bidders to know that Huron County is eager to work with anyone that has the right idea to turn the former youth jail into something special.