MIDDLSEX COUNTY, ONT. -- Rob O'Neill used to dread being called to the principal's office at Leesboro Central Public School in Thorndale, Ont., but now it's his office as CEO of the JC Green Cannabis Company.

O'Neill said in a statement, "It’s a really incredible experience to return to my school, which always had a sense of small-town community, to revive the energies where young minds were cultivated, and placing those energies into the operations at JC Medicinal."

JC Green produces cannabis at its cultivation facility at the former Thames Valley District School Board site. The school was closed in 2009 and rezoned in 2018.

The school itself has been transformed, with classrooms turned into grow rooms with thousands of plants and the gym a shipping and receiving dock.

On March 25, JC Green was finally fully licensed by Health Canada to cultivate and sell medical cannabis to patients with a medical cannabis document from their doctor or the company's own clinic, Karthia.

As of that date, the company also introduced an additional "compassionate pricing model to those affected by COVID-19," in an effort to ensure medical cannabis is financially accessible to those in need.

“Our compassionate pricing programs are intended to usher in a new era of medical cannabis, where the patient is put first, product quality is top of class, and medical cannabis is easily accessible to all people, regardless of income,” O’Neill added.

The facility continues to grow cannabis through the pandemic, though it says operations have been adjusted to ensure the health and safety of employees.