LONDON, ONT. -- A London court has found Lawrence Thompson, 68, guilty of four counts including kidnapping and sexual assault in connection with a four-year-old girl who was grabbed from a north end intersection in May of 2018.

Justice Alissa Mitchell handed down her decision Monday morning via Zoom saying, “This is a clear case of stranger abduction.”

During the trial in February, the court heard how three years ago on May 13, the four-year-old girl was riding her bike when Thompson grabbed her and put her in his car near the intersection of Barker Street and Melsandra Avenue.

The young girl, who is now seven and who cannot be identified, told the court, “He pulled down my pants...he then pulled down my underwear.” She went on to say that Thompson slapped her on the bum.

The court heard after a short drive the girl was released and ran home to tell her parents.

Thompson, a retired school custodian, was also found guilty of abduction and touching for a sexual purpose.

He did not testify during the trial.

Sitting in a jail cell at the Niagara Detention Centre Thompson showed little emotion as the verdict was handed down.

A sentencing hearing in this case is expected to be held on July 7.