Sarnia’s former fire chief has been sentenced to five years in jail after he was found guilty on over 30 sex-related crimes.

Patrick Cayen, 56, was convicted on charges involving four victims in January, though a publication ban previously prevented the media from reporting on some of the convictions related to when he was a teen.

On April 24, as emotional victim impact statements were presented to the court, the judge also lifted the publication ban on the convictions from when Cayen was a young offender.

Of the convictions, 12 were connected to when Cayen was a youth and involved sex acts with school-aged girls when he was a teen. As an adult he was found guilty of 19 sexual and indecent assault-related offences.

One victim, who cannot be identified, spoke after the sentencing saying, "I really did believe I was going to my grave with no outcome even close to this, so for me everything is a win...and that he will for the rest of his life be a registered sex offender is for me a huge victory."

Another tears up as she explains, "It's been a long road for all of us - and today was huge, it was huge."

During his sentencing, Justice John Desotti told the court Cayen used his authority to take advantage of several vulnerable victims.

Cayen, who maintains his innocence and showed little emotion during the sentencing, was also placed on the sexual offender registry for life.

Following the sentencing Friday, Cayen's wife Kathleen Cayen said, "We are appealing this whole decision. I don't understand how a judge can take something from 40 years ago and try and convict somebody of something that didn't actually happen. My family, my children, his children, all stand by him 100 per cent."

His lawyer Phillip Millar says they believe there is grounds for appeal.

The defence had been asking for a sentence of two to three years, while the Crown was seeking a five to seven year sentence.