A former Londoner who had been sentenced to four years in jail for numerous charges had all but one charge overturned in appeals court.

The U.S. Tenth Circuit Court of Appeals vacated all of Leslie Lyle Camick's charges except for his obstruction of justice conviction.

But two of his former spouses say they hope justice can be served on this side of the border.

Barb Ryckman wishes she never met Camick, her ex-husband.

"He's been a part of life, haunting me, for 25 years and I don't see it ever stopping."

They spent more time in divorce court than they spent together as common law partners.

"There was one night he was going to drive his line truck through my house. There was quite the manhunt," Ryckman says.

Another spouse, Lyn Wattley, says romance quickly sprouted between the two, who started a business together. But by 2011 after seven years Wattley says everything was spiralling.

Wattley explains, "It looked like he was having some kind of breakdown.”

He fled again and was ultimately caught by authorities for alleged impaired driving.

Both women say they are also concerned for their personal safety.