After more than four years, London's former mayor has broken her silence about the drinking and driving incident that led to jail time for her husband and how it has affected their lives.

In an exclusive interview with CTV News, Anne Marie DeCicco-Best and Tim Best talk about the public scrutiny they endured and what the future holds.

DeCicco-Best said she never considered leaving her husband.

"I've always taken my marriage vows pretty seriously," she says, adding that she loves her spouse.

“I know how much Tim regretted what he had done,” says DeCicco-Best. “It was a mistake.”

Best received a six-month sentence in 2011 after he was charged with impaired driving causing bodily harm, dangerous driving and two counts of failing to remain at the scene of a crash after events on Highway 401 and in Dorchester.

He ended up serving four months.

“I went to jail, it was something I never thought I would go through,” says Best. “It was really, really tough.”

DeCicco-Best wouldn’t answer all of the questions - such as the current political situation in London - because of her role as a government relations advisor at Fanshawe College, where it could be seen as a conflict.

But she did talk about her life and how it has changed. For one thing, she is almost finished a Master's degree.

And she is adamant she won't be seeking political office again.

"I don't have political aspirations at any level. I'm a citizen that watches from afar."