Not business as usual but business does continue at Trinity Global Support Foundation, the former charitable organization linked to London Mayor Joe Fontana.

The Canada Revenue Agency revoked Trinity Global’s charity status three months ago, calling it a tax shelter scheme.

Now the venture has been registered as a non-profit organization with Fontana listed as a director. His son, Ugo Fontana, is identified as President.

Trinity Global had established Show Kids You Care in 2009, and it, too, is now a non-profit organization with no mention of Trinity Global on its website.

Independent tax lawyer David Thompson says as a non-profit Show Kids You Care will face less scrutiny from government.

 According to Thompson, “There is really no oversight for a not-for profit except by the members of the association itself. As long as there is no profit being generated and available to the members, they qualify as a not-for-profit.”

Thompson points out there is one significant difference anyone donating to a not-for-profit should take note of, “There are no tax credits, no charitable receipts. They should know who they are giving the money to. But if they don’t - donor beware.”

The revocation of charity status for both Show Kids You Care and Trinity Global is being appealed.

Show Kids You Care claims to feed 135,000 children every week through a series of breakfast and lunch programs.