The 18-year old rap and hip hop artist known as ‘LIVONSATURDAY,’ Pierce Johncox is hoping to take the music world by storm, all while representing the Forest City.

His single ‘One Night’ has reached close to 400,000 views on SoundCloud.

A recent video feature shots of him outside several prominent locations – including the London Convention Centre and other downtown streets.

He recently released his first album titled ‘Notice Me,’ and is hoping someone will do just that.

His song ‘The 9’ is also about London – based on the city’s area code - 519. He compares London to Toronto, also known as ‘The 6’ for its 416 area code.

Johncox says he wants to follow in the footsteps of other local London artists like Loud Luxury, who will play at the 2019 Juno Awards.

"I want to sell out Madison Square Garden…I want to sell out Budweiser Gardens…both the gardens,” Johncox says.

“Motivation wise I just want to be better than what I already am, right…So if I release a song and it gets 50,000 views…I want to get 70,000 next time, you know,” he adds.

Johncox says he’s working a day job to pay for the videos, a growing trend among young artists.