Ford Nation came to the country Saturday morning, as P.C. Leader Doug Ford finished up a swing through Southwestern Ontario.

Nearly 500 hundred people packed the Saxonia Hall on the outskirts of Aylmer to hear Doug Ford address some the concerns that hit home with rural constituents.

With silos across the street, and the smell of manure in the air, Ford made a rare campaign stop in rural Ontario.

He used the morning event to talk about small business, the loss of manufacturing jobs, and the challenges facing frontline healthcare workers.

He also promised that, as Premier, he would surround himself with experts in their respective fields, telling the gathering, “I believe in doctors and nurses telling us how to reduce wait times” and promising, “We are going to have a farmer as our Minister of Agriculture.”

And Ford continued to promise to address the issue of electricity costs. A message that struck home with Ken White, “I've owned and operated a family business that was established in 1854. Almost a year ago I had to put a generator in because my hydro bill was 6 to 7 thousand dollars a month, with 6 employees. To see that they'll do something about hydro is great to me.”

After his stop in Aylmer, Ford boarded his bus, heading back toward the GTA, including an evening event in Brampton.