LONDON, ONT. -- With restaurants under pandemic restrictions, food trucks are becoming an attractive option for both London consumers and entrepreneurs lately.

The kayak launch at Wonderland Road and Riverside Drive has been a popular destination on weekends with several food truck options offering up their specialties.

The parking lot remained full on Saturday, with patrons coming and going throughout the day.

Three different food trucks were in operation at the site. Among them was New Leaf Planet Based Foods.

Owner Andy Coughlin said he and his wife Anne Marie launched the business-on-wheels in August of last year.

"There is a surge in the amount of truck that are opening up in the city, it seems like there’s more and more all the time," he said.

He added that he’s pleased with how it’s going, but he sympathizes with businesses that are having a hard time.

"A lot of the brick-and-mortar places, I really feel for them. It’s been quite a challenge. We’re fortunate we’re not in that situation. We try and support local that way as much as we can, and we really encourage everyone to do that."