London Mayor Joe Fontana delivered his State of the City address on Tuesday morning, but it’s what wasn’t said and who wasn’t there that was most notable.

Fontana made no mention of the city’s proposed tax freeze, saying only that “Approving a budget is arduous but it is our responsibility to get it right.”

However after the speech he told reporters he felt Londoners still supported a third consecutive freeze, “I’ve been to two or three events and when I’ve mentioned the fact that I wanted to deliver zero again, I got standing ovations.”

And while over 1,200 people gathered to hear the mayor speak at The London Chamber of Commerce, there was a notable absence.

Ward 5 Councillor Joni Baechler was not present, telling CTV News via Twitter “I felt it would be hypocritical to ask [the] Mayor to step down in December then appear to be supportive in January.”

Fontana also did not address the criminal charges he faces, saying “They have absolutely nothing to do with my duties as mayor.”

He also hinted that if he doesn’t believe his job is done at the end of his term, he will run for a second term, “This is the third State of the City address, that means I’ve got five more to go.”

That comment seemed to prompt the most questions from those in attendance, but he quickly added he would only run with the support of Londoners.