LONDON, ONT. -- When vandals struck in the middle of the night and damaged the eternal flame at the Banting House National Historical Site on Adelaide Street North, it was only the second time in 30 years that the fire had been extinguished.

“It really was a kick in the gut because while we're Diabetes Canada's caretaker of this flame, it's not about us. It's for the 11 million Canadians with diabetes or pre-diabetes and the 460 million globally who are affected,” said Grant Maltman, the curator at Banting House.

Work crews have already started repairs and it appears they need to replace the sensor and igniter, among other things.

About $20,000 was needed to restore the Flame of Hope as well as to update the area with security lights and more. So far they’ve been able to collect 95 per cent of the money.

“We've had donations from the United States and processed a donation from Wales,” added Maltman.

The work is expected to be wrapped up in the next couple of weeks and they're hoping to reignite the flame by the end of the end of July.